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AV, founder and Owner of Vernail Enterprises was born in Flint Mi spring of 1990 to mother Tarnisha Briggs and father Anthony Cureton. In his earlier years, Anthony exuded many natural abilities in a variety of areas including, dance and movement, acrobatics and tumbling, Music and Fashion and more.


Throughout his scholastic matriculation AV advanced through his educational path receiving his diploma, undergraduate degree from Johnson C. Smith University, and graduate degrees from Norfolk State University, both in the area of Computational sciences. After formal schooling AV migrated to Atlanta GA where he auditioned for and received a dance scholarship from LYFT Ballet Company. He trained with the company for two semesters before receiving a Job offer from a promenade company in the IT sector.


AV resigned 3 years later to found A Vernail Enterprises under the premise wanting to provide jobs and opportunities for individuals that want to develop their spiritual, physical, and emotional awareness through the use of conscious action and intention. A Vernail Enterprises is composed of several of AV’s brain children and is steadily growing.

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We never Dreamed about Success, We Worked for it. Always Deliver More than Expected.

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